Apostle Huie L. Rogers was born on June 22, 1934 in Vidalia, Georgia. He graduated from Boys High School in Brooklyn and was called to the ministry at the age of fourteen. He graduated from the Church of Christ Bible Institute and the Nyack Missionary College where he gained the knowledge of the Bible and other administrative skills. He also obtained a Doctor of Divinity Degree from New Haven Theological Seminary. He was one of the first twelve elders to be ordained in the Bible Way Organization. Apostle Rogers is a Pentecostal Apostolic preacher who has a particular emphasis on the saving name of Jesus, the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the oneness of the Godhead. His Pentecostal heritage includes Bishop R. C. Lawson, Apostle Smallwood E. Williams, Bishop F. D. Washington and his late pastor Bishop Joseph Moore.

He sat under the guidance and leadership of Bishop Joseph Moore who was the founder of the Bibleway Church of Christ located at 129 Reid Avenue. In 1950 the church moved to 295 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. After the Lord called Bishop Moore home in 1966, Elder Huie Rogers was elected pastor. On March 25, 1973, the church moved into its present location The Greater Bibleway Temple where he has been the pastor for the past 45 years.

Apostle Rogers is not only a pastor and one of the greatest preachers ever to grace the pulpit; but he is known by as an International Evangelist, an Inter-Organizational Ambassador and a Dynamic Teacher. Although he has been preaching for over 60 years, he is still preaching like a young firebrand preacher. During every sermon his trade-mark comment is “Can I Preach?”

He is also the founder of the Tidewater Bibleway Church in Portsmouth, Virginia. Apostle Rogers is grateful for a praying wife Mother Doris L. Rogers and four children that are all active in the ministries of Bibleway.

In 1980, he was the subject of a widely acclaimed documentary entitled “Huie’s Sermon”. He is an avid reader of religious and secular literature and has authored four books; Power To Turn The World Upside Down; No Questions Just Trusting; Can I Get A Witness; and Tender Loving Care. Apostle Rogers also founded the Bibleway Learning Center and the Total Truth Bible School.

He is a Christian media-man. He has recorded numerous sermons; his signature sermon is entitled “The Eulogy of Planet Earth”. He has preached on radio and television for over forty years and his broadcast RAISE THE PRAISE! currently can be seen on The Word Network.

On July 21, 1991, during the Holy Convocation of the Bible Way Church World-Wide, held at the Bible Way Temple in Washington, D.C., Bishop Rogers was affirmed as an Apostle by the late Apostle Smallwood E. Williams. He is now the Presiding Bishop & Chief Apostle of the BWCWW, Inc. with headquarters located at 251 Rochester Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. BWCWW has several churches located in the USA, Europe, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean.

Apostle Rogers is highly regarded as the father to many sons and daughters in the ministry. He is still dreaming and seeing visions. He believes in a Holy healthy life-style and expects to live and preach until Jesus comes.

Apostle Rogers has been called by many the President of Preachers; however he prefers to be regarded as God’s Apostolic Servant Leader. The nation and the world answers the question “Can I Preach?” and the answer is YES BISHOP, YOU CAN PREACH!!!