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The Bibleway Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith was founded and organized on September 5, 1943 by Elder Joseph Moore; Bishop R. C. Lawson was the Apostle and Overseer.

Elder Joseph Moore served under Bishop R. C. Lawson as an Assistant Pastor at 254 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, for a period of ten years. During this time he was well instructed and trained in the service of the Lord. Being employed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard this brought on hardship, because he was in charge of services most of the time, however, he was faithful to his duties.

Elder Moore was constantly before the Lord in prayer for Divine Guidance; his determination was to build a House of God, for all people. His religious motive was that man be transformed by the Spirit of God, through his lifting up of the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ.

After serving for this length of time under Bishop Lawson, Elder Moore felt led of the Lord to begin a Church of his own as Mark 1:15 states. The fullness of time had come and God had called him to his duty as a leader.

The original location of the Church was 129 Reid Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Elder Joseph Miller and Sister Josephine Sheppard were among his first members and Elder Miller later became his First Assistant Pastor. All due consideration must be given to his wife, Sister Leola Moore, who gave her moral support and complete cooperation. She had a meek and quiet spirit and became the Spiritual Mother of the Church.

The original membership was small in number, but through the prayer and sacrifice many souls were added to the church. Although the place was small, it was beautifully decorated as befitting a House of The Lord. The church grew so rapidly, that within a few years we were blessed to move to a larger site.

In November 1950, The Bibleway Church moved from 129 Reid Avenue to 295 Gates Avenue. At the inception, we occupied only the lower auditorium while the main auditorium was being renovated. On March 7, 1953 we dedicated the complete building to the Lord.

Our founder, Bishop Joseph Moore, dedicated his life to fasting and praying. As each step was taken, he humbly asked God to direct him. This was the secret to our success here at Bibleway. Therefore, having obtained help from God, we continue until this day. For except God build the house, he that labors, laboreth in vain.

Bishop Joseph Moore was among the five Apostolic heroes and pioneers that founded the Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ World-Wide, Inc. in September 1957.

In the year 1966, Bishop Moore was called home to be with the Lord. He requested that his mantle be passed to his faithful son Elder Huie L. Rogers.

The Church continued to grow under the leadership of Elder Rogers. Once again, God made more room for the saints. In the year 1973, Bishop Rogers lead the congregation to its present location 261 Rochester Avenue, Brooklyn, New York covering four blocks of property.

In the year 2009, the church was renovated, beautifully decorated in the color purple and renamed The Greater Bibleway Temple Apostolic Mecca. We are looking forward to fulfill our destiny as a WORD driven Church.